P.O. Box 73
Independence, Missouri USA 64051

ASCRA Board Nominations Open


2017 Class (2015-2017 Term)

Nominations for election to the ASCRA Board of Directors for Class of 2017 directors, 2015-2017 term, are now open. A maximum of six (6) nominations may be submitted per member to be received no later than Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Please remind other members you may contact, about the nomination deadline.

Please verify that your nominees are willing to serve before you submit their names in nomination. Service as a director may entail travel to Independence, Missouri, or attendance via conference call, for at least one board meeting per year. Nominees should have E-mail capability but this is not a requirement for nomination or serving.

Only one nomination is required to place a willing nominee on the ballot. Each nomination must include name, call sign, address, phone number, and email address of the nominee.

Each nomination must clearly identify who is making the nomination using a single piece of paper or E-mail message. Please list your nominees by name and call sign and include complete contact information (phone number/s, email and postal address) for each nominee.

The following directors are serving for the 2014-2016 term (2016 Class) and are NOT eligible for nomination at this time:

Aaron Beebe,(KD8JQK) , Caro, MI

Chuck Brady,(KAØGFC), Boonville, MO

Ed Briley, (KDØMEI), Independence, MO

Larry Ragan, (NØAIX), Gladstone, MO

T.J. Redding, (KD5EAG), Omaha, NE

Mike Thayer, (KMØS), Jefferson City, MO

All other licensed ASCRA members are eligible for nomination to the 2015-2017 term (2017 Class), including the following 2015 Class Directors whose terms expire in the Spring of 2015:

Chuck Palmer, (NØONN) , Independence, MO (Treasurer)

Doug Shaw, (WAØEMX), Raytown, MO (Executive Director)

James Craft, (ADØAC) , Independence, MO (Secretary)

Robin Cross, (WØFEN) , Kansas City, MO (President)

John Danielson, (KFØWI) , Indianola, IA

Ray Knapp, Jr., (WA2GTM) , Perry, IA

Submit nominations by postal mail to:

ASCRA Secretary, Jim Craft, ADØAC
P.O. Box 73
Independence, MO 64051-0073


1113 N Ponca Drive,
Independence, MO 64056


by E-mail to (


Click on their call sign to send an e-mail

President: Robin Cross (WØFEN) Secretary: James Craft (ADØAC) Treasurer: Chuck Palmer (NØONN) Exec Director: Doug Shaw (WAØEMX)

If you have questions about ASCRA, not addressed in this site, please
contact any of the directors.


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